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To celebrate the birth of new life, is to appreciate the miraculous work of the Creator.

Wayne Chirisa

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Doula Packages

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Virtual doula package


This option is perfect for people who are wanting labor support but either do not want an extra person in the birthing space, have the maximum amount of labor support people due to COVID restrictions, or are too far for me to travel but still wish to have a doula relationship. You will receive the same support as the in person package but all interactions will be via Zoom or Facetime.


In person doula package


Includes 2 prenatal visits, continuous labor support, and 1 postpartum visit. Further detailed in Doula Service.

I offer discounts based on various critera. PLEASE contact me if you are interested in hiring a doula.


Birth Plan Consult


Wish you had someone to talk through your labor and delivery plans with you? I am available to meet virtually for 1 hour to help you talk through any questions or concerns you may have and formulate a working birth plan. You will receive a personalized birth plan PDF that can be given to your doctor, midwife, and labor and delivery nurses.
*doula clients receive this service as part of their package

All initial consults are free. Contact me below to get started.

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