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What to Expect

My model of care follows a comprehensive, 3 part approach. From the time that you decide to work with me, you will have text and call access to me for assistance with any question or concern you may have about your pregnancy and labor.

We will have 2 prenatal visits (in home or via video chat) to discuss your birth plan, practice applicable labor positions, and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive access to my exclusive client packet, which has relevant and evidence based information I have compiled over years of birth research, as well as my lists of favorite baby and pregnancy items and resources.

I will provide continuous support and assistance for you during your labor and immediately after birth. I will help you find different positions to help labor move along, provide massage and counter pressure for your comfort, and be your advocate and encouragement throughout labor.

After birth, we will have a postpartum visit once you return home where I can help you get settled with your baby, assist with breastfeeding and latch support, help with baby wearing, and answer any questions that may arise. You will have text and call support from me for 6 weeks after birth.

Doula Service: Text

Prenatal Visits

answer questions and concerns and create your ideal birth plan


Birth Support

continuous support during labor and immediately afterward


Postpartum Visit

help establish breastfeeding and transition into life with a newborn

Doula Service: Services

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I offer payment plans and discounts. I want everyone who wants a doula to have access to one.

Serving Sylacauga, Chelsea, Birmingham,
Auburn, and surrounding areas

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